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The Benefits of Providing Employee Lunches.

Increases Productivity

Providing employee lunches increases productivity within your business. Studies show that employees feel less stress when companies take care of yet another task on their minds. Providing a staff lunch weekly or bi-weekly gives team members something to look forward to. It also helps employees focus on work tasks instead of what's for lunch.

Decreases Employee Turnover

Nowadays individuals want to feel appreciated so providing more than just the usual perks increases employee retention and loyalty. 

Saves Money!

Believe it or not, training a new employee or losing an employee costs time and money. Studies show that increasing perks forces employees think twice before leaving a business that values them.

You also have to take into account the times your staff gets up for a snack a five-minute activity can turn into a 20-minute distraction.  

How it works? 

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Decide how frequently you will provide lunch. Increase the frequency and save. 

  • Monthly - $10 per lunch per person

  • Bi-Weekly - $9 per lunch per person

  • Weekly - $8 per lunch per person

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Select a Plan Below 

You must select and enter each person individually. This will make it easy to add or cancel people from your lunch plan. 

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What's For Lunch?

Have your team choose their lunch for their selected plan.